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 The greatest aim of education is not knowledge but action   - Herbert Spencer

Sri Meenakshi Vidiyal Arts & Science College is an Offshoot of the ASA - Grama Vidiyal Educational conglomerate. The college was started in the year 2017 at Valanadu Kaikatti, with a vision of providing high quality education to rural students and make them competent in all aspects of life.

Sri Meenakshi Vidiyal Arts & Science College is one of the largest constituent Colleges of the Bharathidasan University - a premier institution, with highly qualified academicians imparting education in different fields. The College today enjoys a reputation for outstanding performance in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities. The College ensures with an insight of achieving holistic development of the body, mind and the soul while enshrining traditional Indian values in each of its students. Education at SMVC attempts to prepare the youngsters to educate themselves throughout their lives as it is a better safeguard if liberty enables them to think and react freely to life's situations.

SMVC has to its credit a well-qualified and experienced group of professors and lecturers who nurture and shape each student in the best way possible.

We create students who are  industry ready 

We focus on skill based education which makes our students  industry ready 


Promoting inclusive development of the students' potential by providing holistic, need-based, career-oriented, qualitative education with an emphasis on social concern.


Facilitating students to develop professional and life skills, enhancing employability, imparting leadership qualities to face the new challenges and to inculcate the importance of human and ethical values.


To provide quality education on par with global standards by continuously improving the infrastructure facilities and offering market-oriented, competency-based training to match the industrial and academic needs.

Our Motto

Knowledge, Humility Action

Values – LIGHTS

L – Life-Long Learning

I – Integrity

G – Generosity

H – Heterogeneity

T – Technological Advancement

S – Students' Success and Completion


  •  Life-Long Learning : Encouraging enthusiastic, independent thinkers and learners striving for personal growth.
  •  Integrity : Behaving ethically in all interactions at all levels.
  •  Generosity : Helping students to feel empathetic towards others and respond with generosity is a trait that fosters in our classrooms.
  •  Heterogeneity : Fostering a learning community in which the heterogeneousness values, goals, and learning styles of all students are recognized and supported.
  •  Technological Advancement : Implementing cutting-edge technology that enhances instruction and prepares students for life-long success.
  •  Students' Success and Completion : Meeting student needs by creating an educational environment in which students can attain a variety of goals.

Chairman's Message

 Education is the movement from darkness to light! - Allan Bloom 

Sri Meenakshi Vidiyal Arts & Science College (SMVC) is clearly the exposition of our desire to empower the rural community of the state, notably the poorest rural students. SMVC firmly believes in bringing out the best from its students by intensive training rather than adopting conservative teaching methodologies. Its commitment to be the pioneer of a revolutionary education system for the rural poor in Tamil Nadu, has led to manifest change in rural students towards career progress. Besides affordable college education, the facilities such as state of art library, computer lab, language lab and skill development cells help the students to grow as competent as those with urban background. SMVC also provides welfare facilities in the form of transportation, hostel, and free noon meals for the deserving children. We believe that education is certainly the soul of a society and I think everyone who works with us, takes it from one generation to another. Above all, with the countless blessings of Shri Brahma Jothi Andavar, ASA conglomerate enters the 21st year of its educational services to the rural children and in His name; I wish all the students and staff members a prosperous year.

Dr.S. Devaraj

Founder Chairman

  Everything that you IMAGINE you can do, and Whatever you DREAM it will come TRUE  

Correspondent's Message

Sri Meenakshi Vidiyal Arts & Science College (SMVC) is promoted and managed by the GRAMA VIDIYAL TRUST (GVT), a public Charitable Trust working in Tamil Nadu for more than 35 years to uplift the poor with its dedicated efforts. SMVC is committed to alleviate illiteracy from the rural area of the state and strives hard to raise the rural youngsters competent as those who are from the urban background. Highly competitive degree courses are being offered to potential students at affordable costs. Putting together the distinct opportunities, SMVC nurtures the professional attitudes within the students to place them high on the cards.

SMVC offers its students a unique blend of modern education anchored in hallowed Vedic values. The college is guided in its mission of combining the best of tradition and modernity.

SMVC is known for offering a state-of-art infrastructure to meet the pedagogic and research needs of its students and faculty members. These include a well-stocked Central Library and a Book Bank for economically disadvantaged students.

Alongside its rigorous academic standards the college maintains a vibrant tradition of co-curricular activities. Our students complement their academic lives with active engagement in the fields of sports, theatre, debate, music, and fine arts. The college auditorium, amphitheater and the multiple seminar rooms equipped with latest sound and projection systems facilitate a plethora of academic and co-curricular exchanges. The college also boasts of an exemplary record in the field of sports. Our sportspersons also have access to a sprawling play-ground and Indoor Sports Complex. A dedicated team of faculty members and non-teaching staff form the backbone of our institutional machinery.

The reason for instituting SMVC that provided diversified courses was to facilitate the rural youth of the region to get education under one roof.

Shirley Devaraj


  Education is the movement from Darkness to Light!  

Managing Director's Message

Our College, Sri Meenakshi Vidiyal Arts & Science College is a part of ASA-GV Educational conglomerate which has been working towards empowering rural communities economically, socially and intellectually. The word "Vidiyal" symbolizes power of energy, positivity and brightness. It's a symbol of good change in every individual's life with positive attitude. We are looking towards developing the same in every student who is with us and who comes to us with great hope. We ensure that the students will be developed with Creativity and better Communication, which will help them to shine in their family and society. There is a saying “Creativity is a way to reach God” and we trust in it. We assure that our students will get a positive mind-set and attitude which will shape them to become a good human being. Our extracurricular activities develop the character and good behaviour of the students with high-quality personality and discipline. Our birth upon to this earth has a purpose & that is to serve others, by any means possible. Education should teach us human responsibilities. Our well trained faculty members will help our students to develop both in academics and character wise. We continuously push the limits of our students in academics with a positive approach to make them achieve their best. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure creates a positive surrounding, which will enhance their learning ability and will keep them healthy and make them happy. Wisdom is our motive. With this focus and with the grace of almighty ASA educational conglomerate is stepping into the 21st year of its services to the students. I pray and wish all the students and staff members of Sri Meenakshi Vidiyal Arts & Science College to have a successful and a prosperous year ahead.

Satish Devaraj

Managing Director

  Each human being is born with a unique set of potential that yearns to be fulfilled as surely as the acorn yearns to become the oak within it