Department of Maths


Since then the department started, it has been flourishing among other departments for the study of pure mathematics at the undergraduate level.

It offers the main core papers in the area of Mathematics, Operational Research. It also offers papers to interdisciplinary courses i.e. Generic Elective (GE), Skill Development Courses (SDC), and Application Courses for the other Departments.

Study of Mathematics opens the doors for the students who would like to pursue the career in the field like physics, Chemistry, computer sciences, economics, commerce, engineering etc.

 The essence of mathematics is not to make the simple things completed, but to make the completed things simple. 


 Programme  No of Sections  Syllabus  Commencement of the Programme
 B.Sc  -  2017  2017  2004
 M.Sc  -  2017  2017  2004
 M.Phil  -  2017  2017  2004
 Ph.D  -  2017  2017  2004
 Career Oriented Programmes (COP)  -  2017  2017  2004

Department Activities

In connection with National Mathematics Day Celebration 2021, our department organized a special lecture on “The Real Life Applications of Mathematics” held on 22.12.2021. The lecture was given by Mrs. S. Padmapriya, M.Sc., M.Phil., (Ph.D), SET, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Government Arts College, Kulithalai – 639 120.