Department of B.Com (CA)


It is instituted with an intention to enriching and enlightens the knowledge of students of commerce and industry. The department is presiding over by well qualified and experienced faculty members, to fortify the students. The department instills a global standard in all the perspectives on business with inculcating skills, knowledge and experience by arranging guest lectures and seminars periodically. It offers foundation besides academics, research for many professional careers like finance, planning, accountancy, tax practitioners, banking etc., and many more.


 Programme  No of Sections  Syllabus  Commencement of the Programme
 B.Com (Aided)  -  2017  2017  2004
 M.Com (Aided)  -  2017  2017  2004
 B.Com (Unaided)  -  2017  2017  2004
 M.Com (Unaided)  -  2017  2017  2004
 M.Phil.  -  2017  2017  2004
 Career Oriented Programme (COP)  -  2017  2017  2004

Department Activities